Spotify Remote Command Execution

With this service, you can execute simple commands to control your Spotify playback on your devices using a simple HTTP request.
There are plenty of possible usages, for example, you can create a cronjob that stops playback at a specific time,
e.g. as a sleep timer or combined with a doorcam / motion detection software.

Execute a command

Your Spotify username (not email address):

Your API key (received during the registration of your username to this service):

Before you can use this service, you need to connect this service to your Spotify account. (This can be revoked at any time)


Track (optional, e.g. 7Ae8DWaqtdPhdwKS7PWngf, only for usage with command "Play"):


You can execute the command by calling following URL, e.g. with the command line tool curl or wget:

If you have any questions or if you encounter bugs or problems, please contact (in English or German).