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Grady Adams- Grand Master ACGL  
16 Jul 08- Fraternal Greetings to all the brethren. Please drop me a short note to the following email address to confirm that you have received my message;
The website continues to look great.

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Bob Coghill  
Like your web page. Kept getting pop-up of problem with site. Not smart about computers, so I just deleted and kept surfing the pages. Paul Tolar sent me an Email about his recent visit and he enjoyed his visit. I plan to visit Germany soon. While Master my goal was to visit all 42 lodges in Germany during my year. With the assistance of SW Gerhardt, we visited 27 lodges to assist some small lodges to conduct degree work. He and I were divorced from our family with all our traveling, but enjoyed helping other lodges. We also, spent many lodge night staying late listening to Bro Bob Boyd and his guitar playing. I still miss Alt Heidelberg and the masonry in Germany! Since Germany, I have now served as Master, Creasy Proctor Lodge 679, Fayetteville, NC, in 1997. My guest speaker was PMWGM Gerhardt and as normal, he did a great job. I appreciated him for supporting me in Alt Heidelberg and for being my speaker at my installation here in Creasy Proctor 679.
Keep up the good work and you are always invited to our lodge in Fayetteville.

PAST MASTER-1979-1980
Alt Heidelberg 821

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Bro. Stewart M. Bestwick  
Fraternal Greetings from South Carolina. Though it's been many years since I attended my home lodge, Alt Heidelberg Lodge #821, you are always in my thoughts and prayers. A special hello and thanks goes out to "the workhorse of Heidelberg #821"; RWBro Gerhardt, who has been so great a mentor and of constant assistance to myself and so very many other Brothers. Every contact with the lodge re-sparks my heart & mind, back to the first time I entered the Lodge. How very long it's been. May the GAOTU keep, protect and guide you, in our work and lives. Bro. Stew Bestwick

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HWBro. Phil Gatchell   Homepage
Nice website - RWBro. Grady Adams hasn't changed much since the days when he joined the Lodge. I know Bro. Paul Tolar back in the old days when VWBro Elmer George was still around. Served 8 years as Secretary, but at the retirement and no large income, it just became too high on your dues. Wish the Lodge well. HWBro Phil Gatchell

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Michael Kelly Sr   Homepage
Hello Brothers, I was stationed at Tompkins Barracks
in Schwetzingen back in 72, and if I ever come and
visit on vacation, I will sure stop in and say hello
from Valley Lodge 36 in Simsbury, Ct.

Yours Fraternally

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ahmad hassan ( andy )  
in 1984 i was rasid in triangle lodge 831 in manhiem say hi to may bro ed winters thank you

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Terry L. Ormand  
Fraternal Greetings from the United Arab Emirates. It was so great to find your website. Keep in touch.

Terry L. Ormand
PM, PMR 916, Worms Germany

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Michael Troutman  
I have enjoyed browsing your web page.

Michael Troutman (Trautmann)

Senior Warden
Catawba Lodge # 56 AFM
Fort Mill SC 29708

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Cliff Leach   Homepage
My Brothers very nice web site you have am looking forward to visiting the lodge. Unitl then all the best wishes for the New Year.

Cliff Leach

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Peters Andreas  
Your Webside is great!

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