Alt Heidelberg - Fidelitas No 821


[ Neuen Eintrag hinzufügen ]

Ben Noble  
Great job on the website! On behalf of Luftbrucke and von Steuben No. 838, Fraternal Greetings!

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Donald Jackson  
To My Brother Masons at Alt Heidelberg Lodge #821:
Congratulations to the new line and may Alt Heidelberg continue to
Donald A. Jackson
Member of Alt Heidelberg since 16 Feb. 1960.

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Jose E. Gordon  
I wish to extend my sincere congratulation to all my brethens on such
happy occation. My God Bless You All.
From: Bro Jose E. Gordon

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Dr. Ronald R. Slaughter II   Homepage
Greetings Brethren from Culpeper, Virginia USA. I truly enjoyed visiting your site and wish all the Brethren of Alt Heidelberg 821 much success and happiness. Someday I hope to visit your lodge if my travels bring me in your vicinity. Keep the faith my Brothers! Sincerely & Fraternally, Bro. Ron Slaughter

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Larry Connor  
I am so Proud to be a member of Alt Heidelberg 821 and to have been in the company of such distinguished bretheren as RWBro.Pete Rasmussen, Jess Minton and Gerhard Severin. They have all served our Lodge and the ACGL with the dignity and respect it so richly deserved.May the GAOTU always keep them in His protective hand.Bro Larry Connor

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Charles Richard Holder  
Greetings from Maryland. I attend Antietam Lodge #197 AF and AM in Keedysville. My wife and I have visited Heidelberg several times over the last two years,since my son-in-law, Captain James McKenzie is stationed at Patrick Henry along with my daughter, Anne and grandchildren,Jimmy and Colleen. My wife, Trudie and I plan to come again in March 2007. Perhaps I could meet some of you. Our daughter is our youngest member of the OES in Keedysville.
Charles Holder,
Junior Steward

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Bro Bernie Kaita  
It's great to see you guys are doing great work over there. Please email me.

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Linda Sickler Enright  
My father was a member of your lodge and I wanted to stop by to see what it was all about. Very nice website.

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